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Bannock Taco with Fry Bread Recipe

Bannock Taco with Fry Bread Recipe

Bannock Tacos blend the rich flavours of Indigenous tradition with a contemporary twist. Though sometimes called "Indian Tacos," we prefer "Bannock Taco" to honour the traditional bread at the heart of this dish and to respect the cultural shifts toward more appropriate terminology.

These tacos are a creative testament to the adaptability of Indigenous cuisine, substituting tortillas for bannock and serving as a delectable choice for any gathering.

Educational Note on Terminology & Reconciliation:

We acknowledge that the term "Indian Taco" is tied to a colonial past, a legacy of the Indian Act that has adversely impacted Indigenous communities. In step with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action, which advocate for the removal of discriminatory colonial terminology and the promotion of cultural awareness, we proudly use "Bannock Taco." This term not only signifies progress but also respects the traditions that enrich our shared history.

The steadfastness of bannock reflects the remarkable resilience of Indigenous peoples and aptly represents a dish that celebrates our collective culinary heritage.

By adopting "Bannock Taco," we commit to a language of respect and recognition, contributing to the journey of reconciliation and celebrating the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous cultures.