About Us



I am of mixed descent of Indigenous and Caucasian. I am Assiniboine from White Bear on my mother's side and mixed Caucasian on my father's side. I am a proud mother to my three beautiful children. I was born and raised in British Columbia. My home is in Vancouver on the traditional unceded territory of the Coast Salish People of Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish, and Musqueam. I want to give thanks to the Coast Salish People for the land I was raised on and currently occupy.

I aspire to become a part of a generation that begins to heal from intergenerational trauma and learn my Indigenous culture. I strive to provide an environment for my children to flourish and be proud of their identity. My determination and motivation are rooted in the hardship I not only witnessed but experienced throughout my childhood, adolescents, and into my early adulthood. I previously studied for my Bachelor of Social Work, but motherhood has sparked my journey into entrepreneurship as a way to be home with my young children.

I am beyond excited to be in partnership with Kelsey in creating our business, Bangin’ Bannock– a pre-mixed dry bannock mix.




Well let’s see.... I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and sleeping in the... 

No, let’s try that again.

Hi, I’m Kelsey. I’m on the brink of the fine young age of 31, and currently spending most of my time in Vancouver, BC. 
Pre-pandemic I worked full time as a stagehand, and enjoyed travelling the world as much as possible, Now mostly I enjoy working on my truck, napping, and snacking on cheese. Basically the same thing- right? 
I’m a very proud mixed descent, and generally introduce myself (proudly) as a mutt, although there is no doubt the pride and ownership I feel for my Nak’azdli Dakelh blood. 
Because of residential school, and the 60s scoop, disconnections to language, family, and culture has been prevalent in my life.
Although my dad did the forefront of most of the hard work, Piece by piece I’m learning and reconnecting in new ways, and I’m extremely grateful. 
I’m beyond excited to take on such a big and brilliant adventure with such an amazing, hardworking, indigenous sister!
For me, Bangin’ Bannock is a way to help connect people, strengthen culture, and create conversation. 
Also, who doesn’t love bannock?


ps: A quick but meaningful thank you to 3c for bringing us together and making this possible, And to Vanessa for always being there to help guide us when we feel lost, and to take some bomb pictures when our photographer friends ghost us. We love you, THANK YOU!